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It all started during my childhood when my father took my first German shepherd, from there was born my passion for several years I also attended a kennel that was near my parents' house. It was the attendance that taught me to understand dogs, their instincts, eyes and body movements, as also in the same kennel there was a training field for the dog agonistic activity , I was able to get close to 'sports training and begin to practice it. Over the years my experience grew and to help me in my career was my beloved Shamyr, a great German Shepherd from working line that was given to me because of my increasingly compelling passion. My relationship with dogs has been further consolidated since I had the opportunity to work with them to train them as guide dogs for the blind persons, "in fact do my job as an instructor at the" Regional Center Helen Keller "in Messina.
 The training has thus become the most important commitment of my life so I dedicate myself to a kind of preparation and do my work and then I go to training my dogs in my spare time. The trials are the goal of each trainer and to be competitive you need to have the subjects suitable, for this breed and select individuals who exhibit both morphological and temperamentally suited to this task.
In my kennel I use the aid of my companion passion, my wife, Dr. Claudia Interlandi that as university researcher at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Messina can follow in terms of clinical and health needs of all our dogs .
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